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Don't be caught in the dark when the lights go out!


Did you know?

Solar installations without storage shut down when there is a blackout and do not provide any power!

There have been many accounts in the media recently about the reliability security of the electric grid that delivers power to homes and businesses.  These accounts predict that the grid will fail sporadically as the load on it increases and as further terrorist attacks on it continue.  Also, areas subjected to extreme weather, such as ice storms in winter or tornados in summer have almost predictable grid failure. 

The Spirit Storage systems use exclusive, patented technology that can eliminate concern about grid failure.  Power is stored when available and played back when needed.  Recharging can come from any electrical source including wind, solar or the grid.  With wind or solar, the system can run indefinitely.  

Tax credits are available when wind or solar charging is used.

How it works




The Spirit Battery Storage Systems employ our exclusive patented technology to provide unprecedented value and performance. They are available in a variety of sizes to meet any power need.  They work with an existing or new solar installations.  Solar panels normally are used provide power during the day to run loads and charge the batteries, but wind and the grid can also be used. Power is then drawn from the batteries at night to provide uninterrupted power. 

The storage systems can be used with net metered installations to return excess power when the batteries are charged.  If grid power is not available, The Spirit Storage Systems can be used to provide all the power.