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The Spirit Lithium Golf Cart Battery gives you More











More Power
The Spirit battery weighs 60% less than an old fashioned lead battery.  You will get noticeably better acceleration and range. 

More Freedom
The Spirit Battery is maintenance free!  No water. No Cleaning.  It will hold its charge for months without charging. You no longer have to have someone enter your home to maintain it or have it stored somewhere in the off season.

More peace of Mind
The Spirit battery has no toxic or corrosive chemicals to leak onto your garage floor.

More Life
The spirit battery will last 2,000 cycles, 10 years of normal use

More Money in your pocket
With 10 year life, you may never have to buy another set of batteries again!

More Playing time
The Spirit battery system comes with a built in charger.  You can also charge the Spirit Battery whenever you have an opportunity to do so.  You can charge it as much or as little as you like. The charge used by a morning of golf can be replaced in as little as one hour.  That’s less time than a good lunch. 

More Spirit
Unlike old fashioned lead batteries, the Spirit Lithium battery provides as much voltage at the beginning of your game as at the end.

More Free Charging and More Free Parking
Ask us about the option that lets you get free power and VIP parking from public charging stations! 


Which system is right for me?

Plus for golfers who play a round every day and have time to charge the batteries in between.

Advanced for golfers who play 2 or 3 rounds a day or drive all day without recharging

Pro our longest range option for golfers with air conditioners and other electronics in their golf car that play 2 or 3 rounds per day.


                           Plus              Advanced       Pro 

Golf Rounds      1+                  2-3                    3-5

Battery Size       40AH            60AH                100AH 

Charge Time     90 Min          120 Min            3.6 Hr


To learn more about advanced golf cart batteries, contact us or your local dealer.