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California businesses qualify for tax credits, depreciation and generous incentives which can cover the cost of the equipment necessary to make power.  To take advantage of these programs, the system must use BOTH solar and advanced energy storage. Our exclusive, patented technology makes it possible to do this today! Typical uses are industrial machinery, retail, restaraunts, agricultural pumping and more.

Because these systems have storage, they can eliminate demand charges and surcharges for motors based on their low power factor.  In addition, since the loads are no longer connected to the grid, they are not subject to sags, surges, loss of phases or dropouts.






Did you know?

Demand charges and other surcharges can often be the largest part of an electric bill?



Typical system

In this system, energy is collected by solar panels and used to power a pump and charge batteries. At night, the pump runs from the energy stored in the batteries. If the batteries are charged, the excess energy is sold to the electric company.  Control of the system is done by our patented battery management system. These systems are modular and flexible in nature and can be configured to run any type of load with any size of storage from 30KWH to 10MWH. 

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