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Advanced Battery & Energy Storage Systems

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Golf Cart Battery Upgrades

Enhance the performance of your golf cart with exclusive lithium battery upgrade systems from The Spirit Lithium Battery.  The system is a complete kit including our exclusive fuel meter.

Free Electricity Systems for California Businesses

California Businesses can take advantage of tax credits and incentives that reimburse the cost of solar/storage systems.  After that, the power is free! Since the power is produced on-site, there will be no more power outages. 

Power Backup Systems for Home and Business

Don't be caught in the dark when the lights go out! With a power backup system from The Spirit Lithium Battery, you can always have power even when the grid goes down. 



The Spirit Lithium Battery In Action!





Who We Are


The Spirit Lithium Battery is a business unit of EV Enterprises, located in Palm Springs, California. We have developed a modular energy storage system based on lithium battery technology that is covered by 6 patents, issued and pending.  These systems can be configured to virtually any size and can be used in applications ranging from golf carts, portable power systems, field instruments, as well as energy storage for home and business.  The uses are only limited by your imagination! Our energy storage systems are typically 1/3 smaller and 75%-90% lighter than equivelent lead acid batteries and for many applications cost less!  

We have been manufacturing advanced energy storage systems for over 4 years and have 1,200+ installations in the field. Contact us for information about our innovative energy storage systems and how you can profit from the lithium power advantage!

We are a member of the Coachella Valley Innovation Hub (iHub): www.cvihub.com